Our metabolic reset program

Our metabolic reset program allows us to identify and address the underlying causes of your weight gain, so that you can reset your metabolism and experience lasting results.

Reset your metabolism with our customized weight-loss program

Our metabolic reset program allows us to identify and address the underlying causes of your weight gain, so that you can reset your metabolism and experience lasting results. Our weight-loss program can be customized specially for you, and may include the following interventions:

  • Reduction and prevention of chronic inflammation
  • Correction of hormonal imbalances
  • Stress evaluation and management
  • Identification and treatment of genetic variants that may disrupt metabolism
  • Personalized nutrition plan based on unique DNA markers
  • Precision nutrition that addresses your exact nutritional deficiencies

A metabolic reset program backed by medical expertise

Our metabolic reset program is based on 14 years of obesity treatment for more than 1.8 million people. Our experience in this field inspired us to create an effective, evidence-based weight-loss program customized for each and every patient addressing the factors contributing to their slow metabolism.

Our program continuously evolves as we make modifications to incorporate the latest research and findings surrounding weight management — allowing us to stay at the forefront of intelligent, medically managed weight-loss programs.

At Elite Physique, 99.79% of patients lose weight using our metabolic reset program. Additionally, the average patient loses 27 pounds within 4 months of being on this program.

In a randomized study involving more than 10,000 patients, 52% lost 10% of their body weight using the metabolic reset program, and 1,890 patients — 3 times the national average — maintained their weight loss.

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How does our metabolic reset program work?

Elite Physique will review and analyze your personal health data to develop a customized, medically supported weight-loss program designed just for you. Our metabolic reset program is comprehensive and evidence-based, so you can adopt our recommendations with the confidence that they will provide real results.

During your first visit, we will evaluate and analyze your primary health goals, along with health risks and lifestyle factors that may be impairing your ability to lose weight. We will also obtain an electrocardiogram, or EKG, to assess your heart health, and a number of other relevant labs.

Your metabolic reset program will be designed to meet your unique health needs, and may be changed continually as needed to fit your lifestyle and help you achieve your weight-loss goals.

The core components of our metabolic reset program

Advanced testing

Advanced testing allows us to identify underlying health problems that may be contributing to a slow metabolism. This component of the program includes a complete metabolic profile that helps us better understand how your unique body chemistry works and how your body uses energy.

The labs conducted as part of our advanced testing also help us identify whether your body is experiencing any hormone imbalances affecting how it uses and stores energy. For instance, imbalances in insulin and leptin, along with high levels of the stress hormone cortisol, can cause your body to store excess weight in the form of fat.

Elite Physique also uses advanced DNA testing to identify genetic variants that affect the way your body uses and processes certain foods. Evidence suggests that people who follow diets customized to their unique genetic traits can lose up to 287% more excess weight. Results from advanced DNA testing can even reveal whether you are more likely to suffer from any nutritional deficiencies — allowing us to further customize your weight-loss program as needed so you experience the best possible results.

Precision nutrition

Precision nutrition is a nutrition plan that is personalized just for you based on your genetic markers, metabolic measurements, and personal health status. You’ll be provided with a list of approved foods and exact serving recommendations to help you track your nutrition more easily. Meal plans can be customized to meet your unique personal health and dietary needs, such as if you are vegan or pregnant.

The ProLon fasting mimicking diet

All patients begin with a 5-day diet that mimics a prolonged fasting diet. The ProLon fasting mimicking diet helps reset your metabolism and prepares your body for the Vivaliti weight-loss program. This diet is shown to reduce levels of markers associated with weight gain such as insulin, insulin-like growth factor-1, and C-reactive protein, which indicates chronic inflammation.

ProLon has been shown to decrease body fat and abdominal fat while maintaining healthy levels of glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure. This diet is also shown to preserve lean body mass and increase stem cell rejuvenation, ultimately promoting healthier aging and longevity.

Personalized supplements

Personalized supplements can address your specific personal health needs and bring you closer to meeting your weight-loss goals. Evidence suggests that using supplements can help individuals lose an additional six pounds when combined with precision nutrition. Additionally, patients who receive supplements and vitamin injections as part of their weight-loss programs are shown to lose 50% more weight than those who don’t receive supplementation.

Your personalized supplement regimen will include the exact supplements your body needs to overcome certain healthy factors contributing to a slow metabolism. Underlying health factors that commonly interfere with metabolism such as stress, leaky gut syndrome, and chronic inflammation can also be addressed using personalized supplementation.

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