Weird weight-loss tips that really work

Do you feel like you’ve tried every weight-loss strategy in the book? Maybe you’ve immersed yourself in the latest fad diet or crazy workout routine only to see no positive results whatsoever. Chances are, you’ve tried a diet pill or some other magic weight-loss plan promising you the world but leaving you sorely disappointed when your measurements and numbers on the scale never change. But you’ve probably never tried — or even heard of — these unconventional weight-loss tips!

We’ve gathered some weird, yet scientifically proven tricks for weight loss you may want to incorporate into your daily routine. Combine these tricks with a healthy whole-foods diet and ample exercise, and your weight-related woes just might become a thing of the past!

Eat more for breakfast

Most people in the Western world eat fairly light breakfasts, Americans included. We’re so rushed in the morning, we grab something simple like a piece of fruit or granola bar, eating on the run as we cart the kids to school or commute to work.

But, sitting down to eat a substantial breakfast is essential if you’re serious about losing weight. Why? Because making breakfast your biggest meal of the day gives your metabolism a healthy boost — whereas eating your largest meal at dinner time does the opposite. This is the case because your body burns more calories and fat during waking hours than it does during sleeping hours. When you think about it, this makes total sense. While it’s tempting to save your big meal for the end of the day, you’ll have more energy and a higher metabolism if you don’t. Consider how you might change your habits and daily schedule to accommodate a breakfast fit for a king (or queen)! This might mean going to bed thirty minutes earlier so you have time to get up and make breakfast.

Surround yourself with the color blue

Did you know that the color blue works to suppress your appetite? It’s true! There’s evidence that warm colors like red, orange, and yellow encourage eating, while shades of blue discourage it. See if you can surround yourself with this cool color while you eat. You could get a set of blue plates and/or utensils, add some blue artwork to the kitchen and dining areas, or top off your table with a blue tablecloth.

Tie a ribbon around your midsection

French women have been using this quirky weight-loss tip for years. Simply tie a ribbon around your tummy to bring your attention to how much your belly expands according to how much you’ve eaten. It’s all about awareness. The more you’re aware of something, the easier it is to change. The ribbon trick works wonders for keeping yourself from going overboard at any given meal.

Eat only sweets that come in cute, little packages

If you’re a candy lover, chances are you’re dipping your hand into those bowls of sweets at the office. If candy is lying around and easy to access, you’re no doubt going to eat it! But, if it’s tucked away beneath a cute little wrapper, you’ll probably think twice before making the effort to open the wrapper and indulge.

So, make a point of boycotting treats lying loose in bowls, and opt for the occasional daintily wrapped treat for your sweet tooth instead. This weight-loss tip might sound strange because you’re still eating candy. But, the point here is that you’re eating less of it, while not depriving yourself completely.

Sniff fruits and essential oils

This weight-loss tip might leave you scratching your head. But, here’s a little secret. If you sniff certain scents throughout the day, you trick your brain into thinking you’ve already eaten. What’s more, some smells suppress your appetite. Grapefruit and peppermint oils are two examples of appetite-suppressing essential oils. Put a few drops of each scent on a cotton ball and sniff them throughout your day. If you don’t have (or can’t afford) essential oils, try fruits like apples and bananas. Smelling these fruits intermittently throughout the day has the same beneficial effect.

Document meals with your camera

This weight-loss tip is suitable for everyone — not just the overzealous food bloggers snapping photos of their every bite. You can be an amateur food photographer and still take advantage of this weird weight-loss tip. The point of taking photos of your food is to see how much you’re eating every time you eat. So, if you like to snack and graze, you’ll need to take photos of that food, too.

Taking photos is the perfect complement to a food journal in which you write down your food for the day. Whenever you feel it’s time to evaluate your eating habits, simply refer to your food journal and its corresponding food photos. You’ll then get a really accurate idea of what and how much you’re eating in a given day or week.

Surround yourself with mirrors

While this may sound like a really vain weight-loss tip, it works. If you eat with a mirror nearby, you’re more likely to pay attention to what and how much you eat. The psychology behind this weight-loss trick makes sense when you think about it. If you look at yourself in the mirror, you’re obviously going to pay more attention to how you look. Like the camera, this practice also brings more attention to the subject matter at hand — your eating habits.

So, while this may sound strange, if you’re serious about losing weight and getting fit, why not give it a shot? Seek out a table close to a mirror when dining out. Place a mirror near your kitchen or dining room table. Check yourself out every so often!

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