non-scale victories

The importance of non-scale victories

When you seriously commit to losing weight, you’ll find many benefits follow — benefits that go beyond the numbers on your scale. These additional benefits are known as non-scale victories. And they’re different for everyone. Maybe you finally fit into that favorite dress you wore 10 years ago, or you’ve noticed an improvement in your complexion. We cannot underestimate the importance of these victories, which have nothing to do with that morning ritual of stepping on the scale, and everything to do with weight-loss success.

Weight fluctuates all the time

It’s important to focus on your non-scale victories every bit as much as the numbers on the scale, because weight is constantly fluctuating. There are a number of reasons for this. Water weight is one. Ever notice how you typically weigh less in the morning? In the morning, your body’s not holding onto as much water weight as it does during other times of the day — not after you’ve relieved yourself upon waking.

Hormones play a part in daily weight changes, too — especially for women. Certain times of the month lead to bloating and additional water weight. Also, if you’re going through a period of less than optimal sleep or extra stress, you may see fluctuations on the scale as well. The point is, if you weigh a few pounds more than you did yesterday, it’s easy to feel discouraged. But the scale only tells one part of the weight loss story, not all of it.

Having a list of your own non-scale victories can help keep you motivated when the number on the scale isn’t budging — or worse, creeping back up. What are some of the most typical non-scale victories to gauge how well your weight-loss journey is going? Continue reading to find out!

Your clothes aren’t as tight as they used to be

A surefire sign you’re losing inches from your waistline, and around other parts of your body, is how your clothes fit. Are they more comfortable than before? Maybe they’re not as snug around the belly or thighs. There might be a pair of jeans you used to love but had to push to the back of your closet after gaining weight. Now, those jeans are taking a front row seat in the closet again. Now, that’s progress!

Fitting into old items doesn’t just apply to clothing — it’s common for wedding rings or other cherished jewelry to become too small or uncomfortable if you’ve gained weight. If you’re slimming down and feeling less puffy, take those old rings out and try them on. You may be surprised to find that they fit again!

Your sleep improves

Poor-quality sleep and obesity are intricately linked. On the other hand, the closer you are to your ideal weight, the better you’ll likely sleep. Sleep apnea and excess weight go hand-in-hand. Bad eating habits at night are also linked to poor sleep. Eating too much before bedtime can make it really hard to fall asleep when you need to. If and when you notice an improvement in your quality of sleep, know that you’ve just experienced one of the best non-scale victories out there!

You get complimented

Your family and friends will notice your efforts. One of the sweetest of all non-scale victories happens when your loved ones pay attention to your health improvements and compliment you for it. It always feels good to know your hard work shows. This is great motivation to keep up the good work!

On the other hand, compliments can sometimes be a deterrent if you’re not comfortable with them, or if you’ve used your weight as a way to deflect attention in the past. If you’re experiencing difficulty with the way others see you or the way you see yourself, make sure to address these emotional issues.

You have more energy

Being overweight can dramatically sabotage your energy levels and make you feel tired and sluggish all the time. Once you begin to lose weight and build muscle mass, you’ll notice an increase in energy and vitality. Cherish this non-scale victory, knowing you’re well on your way to better health. As an added bonus, more energy means you’ll be able to do more exercise, which is good for you in many ways beyond your weight!

Your health improves in other areas

Being overweight or obese impacts all areas of your health. Diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, asthma — holding onto extra weight make these potential health issues more likely or worse. If your blood sugar levels improve or you notice a decrease in asthma attacks, congratulate yourself. These are perhaps the most important non-scale victories of them all!

Traveling becomes more enjoyable

Let’s face it, it’s really uncomfortable to fit into those airline seats when we’ve overweight. Any and every form of public transport requires a healthy body weight in order to travel with more comfort. You’ll also be able to enjoy the adventures of travel with greater ease. Walking, hiking, and biking around a new locale are some of the greatest pleasures of travel. It’s hard to enjoy these things when we’re overweight.

You can shop anywhere

If you used to be limited to shopping in plus-size stores but don’t have to anymore, enjoy your newfound freedom! Noteworthy non-scale victories include shopping anywhere you please. You have more options and naturally feel better about yourself. Even if you’re not happy with the numbers on your scale, but are able to shop in new stores — you’re making excellent progress.

You crave healthy foods

Did you used to crave nothing but carbs and sugar, but now crave green vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins instead? If so, you’re well on your way to better health and you’re definitely changing your body chemistry. When we’re in a rut of unhealthy habits and excess weight, we tend to crave the bad stuff. We want sugar, sugar, and more sugar. Sugar can come in many forms, including the more obvious cakes, cookies, candies, and soda, but also packaged foods like potato chips, crackers, and breads. When you notice yourself opting for healthier snacks and meals, this is something to be celebrated! Your habits have changed — a non-scale victory that’s really, really important for long-term weight loss.

Play time with your dogs and children is easier

It’s tough to keep up with kids and pets no matter how much we weigh. But it’s even tougher if we’re carrying extra pounds. If you notice you have more energy to play with your kids or enjoy taking your pup for long walks, but don’t see real progress on the scale, don’t get discouraged. You’re definitely making gradual improvements that will pay off over the long haul.

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