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11 benefits of exercise other than weight loss

When we think of exercise, many of us associate it with losing weight or preventing weight gain. And it’s true that exercise is an important part of any weight-loss strategy. But it’s also so much more. Even once you’ve hit your goal weight, the benefits of exercise are well worth continuing to make it part of your daily routine. Take a look at these 11 benefits of exercise to help motivate you to work out — it’ll help you lose weight and become a healthier version of our yourself.

1. Exercise reduces the risk of degenerative disease

Are you scared you’ll wind up like one of your older relatives with health problems? If there’s a degenerative disease that runs in your family, one of the best ways to prevent yourself from going down the same road is to dedicate yourself to regular exercise. The prevention of diseases like cancer, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease is truly one of the greatest benefits of exercise.

2. Exercise boosts your energy levels

While this may sound counterintuitive, it’s true. Exercise doesn’t leave you drained. It actually gives you more energy. This is why many people like to get their workout done early in the morning. Not only can you check it off your to-do list, you also reap the energetic benefits that help you feel more productive for the rest of the day. We all want to have more energy. So, when you’re feeling low, don’t reach for an energy drink that may be full of nasty chemicals! Simply take to your yoga mat, climb the stairs in your office building, or take a brisk walk outside. You’ll no doubt feel more energetic afterwards.

3. Exercise helps you sleep better

We all want a good night’s sleep. It’s absolutely essential for both weight loss and overall wellness. One of the most important benefits of exercise is its positive impact on sleep. Ever notice how well you sleep after you’ve had a really active day? Perhaps you went for a long hike, a good swim, or simply spent your day moving around the house, rather than sitting in front of the computer. A good day of movement leads to a good night of rest. Activity is the answer to good sleep.

4. Exercise improves your posture

Your posture and spinal health improve with regular exercise. You’ll experience less back pain and more spinal mobility the more you exercise. You’ll look and feel better with a long, healthy spine. And greater mobility translates to a reduced risk of injuries, especially as you age.

5. Exercise gives you a healthy glow

Your skin loves it when you exercise. It loves it when you sweat out the toxins that build up from living a modern life. Pay attention to how nice and rosy your cheeks are after a solid workout.

6. Exercise improves your sex life

Not only does your sleep get a boost with regular exercise, so does your sex life. This might be one of the most surprising benefits of exercise, but it makes sense. Think about how much sexier you feel when you’re in touch with your body, moving it regularly. All the healthy blood-pumping goodness that comes with a cardio workout positively impacts the health of your sex organs, too. They need good circulation and movement to help them thrive. If you want a libidinous boost, commit to a regular workout routine.

7. Exercise boosts your immune system

Our immune system needs us to exercise in order to do its job. When we exercise, we decrease our chances of getting a cold or flu. We’re more apt to stay healthy throughout the winter months. So, commit to an exercise regimen that works for you and pay attention to your sick days. They’ll no doubt decrease in number.

8. Exercise improves cardiovascular function

Your heart is a muscle. Just like other muscles in the body, it needs a workout each day. Whenever you tend to this muscle, you’re increasing its health and longevity. You’re decreasing your risk for heart disease, which is the most common cause of death in the west. As such, it’s absolutely necessary that you get out there and move your body.

9. Exercise improves your mood

The benefits of exercise aren’t limited to physical health. Exercise is also essential for good mental health. The psychological benefits of exercise make sense when you begin to understand the inner workings of our brains and what happens when we move our bodies.

When we exercise, the brain releases feel-good hormones that act as natural antidepressants. In fact, if you want to beat the winter blues, or any other blues throughout the year, do burst training or high-intensity interval training (HIIT). These short, intense workouts noticeably improve mood and outlook.

10. Exercise improves concentration and focus

Not only does exercise improve mood and help ward off depressive states, it also helps with focus and concentration. It does this by supporting the growth of the brain’s blood vessels. This also bolsters memory. Your brain relies upon the physical activity of your body to stay alert and healthy. So, if you want to improve cognition, exercise daily.

11. Exercise relieves stress

Stress is both a physical and psychological hindrance. Luckily, exercise is the perfect natural stress reliever. Just think about how much calmer your mind feels after a good workout. You’re way less likely to ruminate and dwell upon negative thoughts when you’ve just worked up a good sweat. If you’re suffering from chronic stress, chances are, you need to move more. So, commit to your preferred stress-relieving exercise techniques and luxuriate in the melting away of stress and worry.

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