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9 ways to boost metabolism

Does your metabolism need a healthy boost? Are you finding it difficult to burn calories and shed weight? When your metabolism is high and functioning with fervor, you burn calories at a faster rate, allowing you to efficiently lose weight and keep the weight off. When metabolism is low, you’ll find your weight-loss efforts are like rolling a boulder up a mountain — nearly impossible! Which is why we’re going to look at 9 of the best ways to boost metabolism. You deserve a body you love. And a little no-nonsense information plus motivation will help get you there.

1. Eat enough protein

Your bodily processes need protein — including your metabolism. There’s something called the thermic effect of food (TEF). It happens when specific foods make the body burn more calories during digestion. Protein is one food that has a high thermic effect. This is why you should aim for eating quality protein with every meal.

For instance, in the morning you might have an apple with almond butter. Or, a protein-packed smoothie. Or free-range eggs. For lunch you might want to prepare a large salad with wild-caught salmon. For dinner, well — you get the idea. What’s more, studies show protein to play a critical role in helping you feel full and satisfied.

2. Exercise with high-intensity and in short bursts

High intensity interval training — also known as burst training — helps boost metabolism. The cool thing about working out in shorts bursts, while making sure those bursts are intense, is that your body continues to burn calories even after you’ve finished, as indicated by a 2012 study. If you’re serious about burning fat and losing weight, high intensity interval training is a must.

3. Don’t sit all day

One of the best ways to boost metabolism is to move more throughout the day. Leading a sedentary lifestyle is responsible for all sorts of diseases, obesity being one of them. Far too many of us sit at desk jobs, commute home in our cars, then sit again for dinner and TV watching. This is a recipe for weight gain because movement burns calories while sitting doesn’t.

You may have even heard the saying, sitting is the new smoking, meaning extensive sitting is just as dangerous for your health as smoking. If you can get a standing desk, do it. If you can walk or bike somewhere, rather than drive — do that, too. And limit your time to being a couch potato. Potatoes aren’t so trim!

4. Sleep like a baby

A good night of rest is crucial for a healthy metabolism. If you have difficulty sleeping or are otherwise lacking in zzzz’s, losing weight will be extra difficult. Sleep deprivation negatively impacts the metabolism. If you’ve ever been through a period of time when sleep was illusive, you may have found an increase in appetite as well. Sleep deprivation causes hormonal imbalances, which leads to an increased appetite difficulty losing weight.

5. Enjoy coffee

For many people across the globe, coffee is considered one of life’s greatest little pleasures. But could it actually be a way to boost metabolism? Some studies suggest that drinking coffee boosts metabolism in a significant way — by anywhere from 3% to 11%. What’s more, like its Asian counterpart (green tea), coffee is thought to burn fat.

In addition, coffee consumption has been linked to sustainable weight loss. Now you can enjoy your coffee without guilt. But if you want to make drinking it a worthy way to boost your metabolism, pay attention to what goes in your cup. Sugar and milk can decrease coffee’s health benefits, and flavored latte drinks are typically loaded with calories. Stick to black coffee as much as possible, or try adding a little coconut oil.

6. Consume coconut oil

Coconut oil is a metabolism-boosting food because it contains medium-chain fats, as opposed to long-chain fats. The medium ones are noted for increasing metabolism and supporting healthy weight loss. Compared to long-chain fats, medium-chain fats can increase metabolism by as much as 12%.

One way to eat more coconut oil is simply to cook with it. It’s one of the best oils to cook with as you can heat it to high temperatures without it oxidizing on you — another boon for your health that other cooking oils lack. Add a couple teaspoons to a smoothie or oatmeal each day to reap this metabolism-boosting fat’s benefits.

7. Eat peppers

Hot, spicy peppers contain something called capsaicin. This is a substance proven to burn calories and boost metabolism. While adding peppers to the diet in the form of a vegetable or a spice may have miniscule effects, every little bit helps. If you’re a lover of spicy food, go ahead and indulge. It’s a healthy way to boost your metabolism.

8. Drink green tea

Green tea is one of the best drinks to sip on if you’re serious about boosting metabolism and losing weight in the process. It has been shown by various studies to actually transform fat cells into free fatty acids, which support your body’s ability to burn fat. If you love green tea, drink at least a few cups each day to reap these metabolism-boosting effects.

9. Strengthen and build your muscles

Whenever you build muscle, you’re increasing your metabolism. It’s the reason your body continues to burn calories even after you’ve finished a strength-training workout. So, if you’re looking for an all-natural way to boost your metabolism, look no further than adding resistance training to your exercise routine. But don’t stop there! Carry heavy stuff whenever you need to or just for the heck of it. Your muscles and your metabolism will thank you for it.

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